This year, our faculty of amazing presenters is offering classes in a wide range of subjects. There’s something here for everyone. You can also check out the schedule of classes.

Ebook Marketing 101 by Lindzee Armstrong

In this class, we will discuss different marketing strategies, tools, and services. Find out what keywords to use, how to utilize social media, and what ad services are the most effective. Discuss which pricing strategy to use. Learn what you can do to increase your online presence and grab those readers. Leave this class with all the basics you need to know to start selling that book!



Let’s Talk Covers by Donna Weaver

The truth is, you want people to judge your book by its cover. Donna Weaver will talk about the elements of a good cover and share points to remember when you’re looking for a cover designer. She’ll talk about branding and about price ranges, and she’ll share some alternate avenues to a terrific cover.


Publishing Family History by Carolyn Grygla

Carolyn Grygla headed up the committee to write the history of Johnathan Heaton and his plural wives. Hard work over a period of two years culminated a handsome hardback book published by BYU Press as well as a documentary DVD. Carolyn will talk about her journey and give some tips on how to go about writing your own family history.


Traditional Versus Indie by Janette Rallison

Authors have so many choices now when it comes to publishing. Is it better to try and go the traditional route or is it better to take things into your own hands and self published your novel? Janette will discuss  the pros and cons of both options.  She’ll cover contracts pitfalls from traditional publishers and the big mistakes you don’t want to make if you’re going indie, and much more



Getting Your Manuscript Ready by Annette Lyon

After you’ve written your book, what do you need to do to get it ready to publish? Annette Lyon will take you through the steps necessary to come up with a polished, error-free, attractive book interior. This starts with editing, but there are lots of other things you need to do to get your book—print version or ebook—ready for market.